Pain costs

According to the National Institute of Health pain costs more that $100 billion each year in America. This reflects the combined costs of treatment and lost productivity. More than 25 percent of men and women who live with chronic pain report that this condition affected their decision to quit their job. According to “Gender Attitudes toward Chronic Pain” survey commissioned by Partners Against Pain and the National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC), just over half of women (but less than one-third of men) with chronic pain would give up sex for one year to live pain-free. More than a quarter of the respondents (both men and women) living with chronic pain say that the pain affected their decision to quit their job.

Many patients do not realize that there are things they can do to alleviate their pain. Pain treatment may incorporate an interdisciplinary approach that includes exercise, and relaxation therapy. Chiropractic, of course is valuable for treating pain.

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