Fish beneficial to diabetics

Fish oil, (omega-3 fatty acids from fish) has been shown to have cardiac benefits. It can help to decrease blood triglyceride levels, improve the functions of blood vessels and reduce blood clot formation. These benefits have been known for the general population; now it seems that the cardiac benefits of fish oil holds true for diabetics.

According to the American Heart Association, women with type 2 diabetes who eat more fish have a significantly lower risk of coronary heart disease and death than diabetic women who rarely eat fish.

Data was analyzed from women with diabetes participating in the Nurses’ Health Study. Diabetic women who ate fish at least once a month tended to eat more fruits and vegetables but ate less red and processed meats, and tended to take multivitamin and vitamin E supplements.

Compared with diabetic women who seldom ate fish (less than once a month), the risk of developing heart disease was reduced on average by 30% in those who ate fish one to three times a month. The chances of developing heart disease was reduced by 40% for those who ate it once a week, 36% in those who ate fish two to four times a week, and 64% in those who ate fish five or more times a week. Higher fish consumption was also associated with a significantly lower death rate.

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